Lit Circles


This term I’m reading The Real Thing in lit circles. In the real thing, something goes wrong in the Coke factory, and there is now less 1.5% sugar in Coke. The only three people that know the recipe to make Coke are kidnapped, and are being forced to tell the recipe.

I don’t want to spoil anymore of the book, so I’ll stop there.

Rocket Launch

On Friday we designed a rocket and built it. After we built them we flew them. The learning intention was to teach us how air pressure can make things fly.

We were given a template. We could modify the fins if we wanted. My group modified the fins.

I think the modified fins improved the rocket’s performance. Our fins were a strange shape, but they worked.

Our group didn’t have enough time to decorate our rocket so we left it blank and called it the S.S Blank

When we launched it, it went really high, then as it started to decent, the fin design began to thrust it forwards! Wait… It went backwards, but it did go pretty far!

We modified it a few days ago, and we knew exactly where to modify it.


On the fifth of August we went to Montmorency Secondary Collage to develop our leadership skills; I was put put into the mustard team.

My favourite thing was the international jewel heist, we were versing the black team. In the international jewel heist one team was cops and the other were robbers. My team were the robbers first then we switched to cops. When I was a cop I caught four robbers. We used physical endurance and strategic thinking to win against the other team.

Another one of my favourite was where we had to suck up M’n’M’s with a straw and we had to travel from one side of the room with the other with it and then we would drop it into a bowl. One of the ones that I did fell onto the floor, but luckily it bounced into the bowl. My team won with 25 M’n’M’s in our bowl, and the black team lost, with only 18 M’n’M’s in their bowl.

I learned how to become more persistent and how to improve my hearing skills.

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